GASTONIA, N.C.—July 11, 2016

With a special emphasis on the growing need for borders with enhanced performance, Creative Ticking has developed a comprehensive collection of borders that go beyond just filling a decorative and complimentary role to the top panel fabric. Creative Ticking offers a comprehensive library, as well as full service custom design services.

Creative Ticking’s knit borders are designed with increased stretch and recovery to decrease creasing and cling better to the mattress core whether it’s a traditional mattress, roll-packed mattress or a mattress for an adjustable base. In addition, the newly revamped borders collection draws from the sports and athletic world to provide options for breathability, an athletic look, and other performance features. The collection also includes TioTec© borders, a patented technology, to incorporate all the FR requirements within the decorative border for an all-in-one solution.

“We wanted to create a line of borders that truly performs and answers the needs of our customers” said Scott Frisch, vice president of business development at Creative Ticking. “Our designers created unique looks that combine all the aesthetics of woven with all the benefits of knits to provide our customers the ability to differentiate themselves within mattress market.”

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About Creative Ticking:

Creative Ticking/Creative Fabric Services is a division of Beverly Knits, Inc. located in Gastonia, NC. Beverly Knits, Inc. currently operates with 210,000 square feet of space and more than 200 knitting machines. One hundred and ninety-five associates produce more than 22 million meters of fabric annually. Beverly Knits, Inc. is diversified in knitting capabilities. In addition to mattress ticking, the company also produces fabrics for the automotive industry, apparel markets, industrial markets and medical markets. Beverly Knits, Inc. has over 30 years of experience manufacturing top quality, unique fabrics by a team of proven professionals.


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