Ron and Janet Sytz founded Creative Fabric Services, LLC (d.b.a. Creative Ticking) in 2006 as the bedding specialty division of Beverly Knits, one of the largest circular knitters in the U.S. Founded by Ron’s parents, Robert and JoAnn Sytz, Beverly Knits has been a frontrunner in delivering innovative fabrics used in a variety of industries, such as active wear, intimate apparel, outdoor products, automotive, medical and industrial.

With more than 35 years of experience in the knitting industry, Beverly Knits is the technology center behind Creative Ticking. This unique point of view allows Creative Ticking to focus on research and development, providing high quality designs and flexibility for the bedding industry. The company’s approach to innovation combines a talented design staff made up of engineers, technicians and designers, with new ideas and perspectives that come from close customer relationships.

Creative Ticking seamlessly combines form and function into innovative sleep solutions, knit from the fabric of dreams.


George Jimerson
Director of Manufacturing

George Jimerson has over 20 years of experience in the sleep products industry. George joined creative in 2014 as the Director of Cut and Sew Manufacturing and leads the design and development of zipper covers. Georgie is well known in the industry as someone who provides personable, meaningful, and outstanding service to those he crosses paths with.

Parker Sytz
Director, Supply Chain Management

Parker Sytz has grown up in the sleep products industry and has been involved in the business his entire life. His grandparents started Beverly Knits Inc. in 1980 with his parents, Ron and Janet Sytz, purchasing the company in 2004. Parker attended North Carolina State and began a career in finance. After several years in the financial industry, he joined Beverly Knits and the Creative team. Parker is now serving as the Director of Business Development at Creative and is currently enrolled in an MBA program at Wake Forest University.

Camilla Franklin
VP Design and Marketing

Camilla Franklin found her home at Creative in 2021 as the VP of Design and Marketing. She has served in the sleep products industry for over 20 years. As the VP of Design and Marketing, Camilla takes a hands-on approach in product mix, product design, R & D, customer relationship, as well as assisting in new business and ongoing brand development. In addition, Camilla has a diverse background that covers apparel, home, and sleep fabrics including woven, knit and print fabrics.  Her experience allows Creative to expand their business and create groundbreaking products.

Mason Hallett
Sales Development

Mason Hallett followed in his father’s footsteps and began his career in the sleep products industry in 1986. He has worked in mattress textiles and sewn goods for over 35 years and found himself at Creative in 2021. Throughout his career in the industry, he has developed a strong work ethic, a sense of entrepreneurial stewardship and an understanding of always looking to the future. He continues to have this mind set at Creative while serving in a multifaceted sales development role.

Ashley Brown
Sales Representative

Ashley Brown began her career in the bedding industry in 2000 working as a Sales Representative for Southerland Bedding. In her 21 years in the Industry, Ashley spent 11 of them working on the manufacturing side before making her move to the supply side. After her time at Southerland, Ashley worked for Lava Textiles, Deslee Clama and Bekaert Deslee as a Sales Representative where she continued to develop her work ethic and extensive skill set. Ashley has a focus on customer and consumer relationships, ensuring that all needs are being met while providing a one of a kind sales experience. Ashley’s journey led her to join Creative in 2021 and she looks forward to the future.