When you’re a leader in knit performance fabrics, you don’t just create run-of-the-mill mattress ticking. Our expertise in making advanced athletic fabrics for many of the world’s leading performance brands carries over into the bedding fabrics we design and create.

Athletics Inspired


Spacer Fabric – Spacer fabric is made to cradle the body at the moment of contact to create a more supportive sleep experience. As part of the bed surface, spacer fabric allows the core of the bed to breathe by letting more air permeate through the fabric, creating a cooling sleep experience.

Recoveree™ – The Recoveree™ collection provides optimal stretch and recovery at a lower price than typical spandex. This new technique also allows us to add color at a lower price point, resulting in a premium look and feel with optimal recovery performance at an attractive price.

TioTec™ FR Ticking & Borders

TioTec™ barrier solutions is a patented 2-in-1 CFR 1633 compliant fabric that combines the comfort and feel of a high quality knitted ticking with a knit-in fire barrier. TioTec™ can replace FR socks on foam mattresses, as well as replacing constructions that use non-woven FR barriers covered with regular knitted ticking. By having one product to put over the bed core, customers save time and money by reducing inventory items and improving production processes.

The unique difference in TioTec™ is that the fabric uses inherent FR fibers to create the fire resistant properties. Other fabric solutions would be topically coated with a chemical to make the fabric fire resistant, which hurts the softness of the fabric and reduces stretch recovery and total bed feel. The softness of TioTec™ means you can get a product that offers the same comfortable hand as a non-FR fabric.

TioTec™ ticking solutions are also knitted with Lycra spandex to improve stretch and recovery.

Wrinkle Free Borders

With the growth of bed-in-the-box mattress options comes the need for borders to look clean and fresh when opened at the customer’s home. Due to the structure of a woven, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this with a woven border. We’ve developed a line of knit borders that can withstand the compressed packaging and still look like new.

Cooling Technologies

Creative Ticking has a variety of options that respond to changes in temperature to keep you cool, dry and comfortable as you sleep.

KYLA™, Creative Ticking’s newest cooling technology, is a cooling treatment that uses Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and is applied to the fabric in the finishing process. KYLA™ can be applied using one of three levels – Chill, Extra Chill or Super Chill.

KYLA+™ is a cooling technology that is yarn based. Using a yarn that is specifically designed to draw heat away from the body results in an exceptionally cool feel.

ZONE 55 is a revolutionary idea in finishing treatments. ZONE 55 offers a more focused approach to finishing treatments that are specific to the customer’s needs. By applying chemistry only where necessary, ZONE 55 is able to reduce typical waste volumes.

Organic Fabrics

Our organic fabrics are produced using natural fibers grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, using ecological growing methods to help reduce soil erosion, protect surface water and reduce air pollution.  Organic fibers are considerably stronger and softer than standard yarns, with natural anti-allergenic properties that are much gentler on the skin. The luxurious softness and the positive environmental impact are the perfect balance to healthy sleeping.

Specialty Fabrics

Antimicrobial – Creative Ticking offers a number of antimicrobial technologies formulated to protect against bacteria and combat odors, keeping the fabric fresh-smelling and ultimately prolonging the life of your mattress.


DWR – Durable Water Repellency can be added to prevent water from absorbing into the fabric, while still allowing the fabric to breathe.


Stain Resist – A stain resistant finish can be applied to protect mattress fabrics from spills and stains, extending mattress life.


Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera infused fabric provides a moisturizing and cooling effect on skin, creating a soft, sensual feel. It also naturally offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.