GASTONIA, NC – July 19, 2017

When it’s hot, think KYLA™.

Creative Ticking is excited to announce the most comprehensive line of cooling technologies for its customers – KYLA™ and KYLA+™.  Designed under the KYLA™ brand name, these fabrics offer the most variety in cooling levels and have been created by using the most up-to-date methods. Based on the Swedish term for “chill,” KYLA™ and KYLA+™ offer unique solutions to give your customers the best cooling products on the market. 

KYLA™ treatments are developed using Phase Change Materials (PCM) and can be applied in different levels depending on the desired cooling level.  These PCM cooling treatments are applied in finishing and can be applied to the entire fabric or just the face where it is most needed. By implementing the evaporative cooling principle, KYLA™ actually changes phases as heat is reflected away from the body and results in cooling the skin to maintain the optimum temperature zone during sleep.

KYLA+™ is a cooling technology that is yarn based. Using a yarn that is specifically designed to draw heat away from the body results in an exceptionally cool feel. This specially developed yarn is durable enough to withstand repeated washing without losing any cooling effects. 

“Our new cooling products, KYLA™ and KYLA+™, offer the industry two new options for creating the ultimate sleep experience,“ said Scott Frisch, vice president of business development at Creative Ticking. “KYLA and KYLA+™ are part of Creative Ticking’s ongoing commitment to bring new innovation to the mattress industry.”

Creative Ticking has a talented design team that can incorporate KYLA+™ yarn into existing styles or develop a fresh, new custom look for any of your ticking needs.

For KYLA™ or KYLA+™ samples, contact Scott Frisch at 704-964-0800. To learn more about Creative Ticking, visit


About Creative Ticking:

Creative Ticking/Creative Fabric Services is a division of Beverly Knits, Inc. located in Gastonia, NC. Beverly Knits, Inc. currently operates with 210,000 square feet of space and more than 200 knitting machines. One hundred and ninety-five associates produce more than 22 million meters of fabric annually. Beverly Knits, Inc. is diversified in knitting capabilities. In addition to mattress ticking, the company also produces fabrics for the automotive industry, apparel markets, industrial markets and medical markets. Beverly Knits, Inc. has over 30 years of experience manufacturing top quality, unique fabrics by a team of proven professionals.

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