Ticking Products

At Creative Ticking, we leverage our multimarket experience and technical expertise to knit innovative mattress fabrics that stand out in a showroom.


Robust in fashion and made of quality fibers, including rayon, cotton and polyester, this collection provides a selection of fabrics that are contemporary, transitional or traditional.


Provide added elements for comfort and styling that include a selection of specialty yarns, like Cashmere, Silk, Lurex or Hemp.


Achieve additional end use capabilities through specialized knitting techniques and fibers, which deliver added benefits, such as stain resistance, wicking and breathability.


A value oriented collection of fabrics made of 100% polyester.


TioTec™ barrier solutions is a patented 2-in-1 CFR 1633 compliant fabric that combines the comfort and feel of a high quality knitted ticking with a knit-in fire barrier. TioTec™ can replace FR socks on foam mattresses, as well as replacing constructions that use non-woven FR barriers covered with regular knitted ticking. By having one product to put over the bed core, customers save time and money by reducing inventory items and improving production processes.

The unique difference in TioTec™ is that the fabric uses inherent FR fibers to create the fire resistant properties. Other fabric solutions would be topically coated with a chemical to make the fabric fire resistant, which hurts the softness of the fabric and reduces stretch recovery and total bed feel. The softness of TioTec™ means you can get a product that offers the same comfortable hand as a non-FR fabric.

TioTec™ ticking solutions are also knitted with Lycra spandex to improve stretch and recovery.



With an emphasis on the growing need for borders to perform, Creative Ticking has developed a comprehensive collection of borders that go beyond just filling a decorative and complimentary role to the top panel fabric.




  • Stretch and recovery gives a clean look whether the mattress has been roll packed, serves on an adjustable base, or simply clings better to the core.
  • Unique looks take knits into a new realm, giving all the aesthetics of woven with all the benefits of knits.
  • Using a patented technology, TioTec© borders incorporate all the FR requirements within the decorative border for an all-in-one solution.
  • Gleaned from fabrics in the sports and athletic world, Creative Ticking can provide looks that give breathability and other performance features.
  • Our creative staff and the most comprehensive knitting technology available offer you the ability to differentiate and lead the mattress market.

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The growth of zip-off covers gave rise to interliners and we have one of the widest selections of colors and designs, as well as other attributes such as inherent FR and water resistance.