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Cutting Fabric

Creative Cut & Sew

With the vision of continuing to improve your experience with the best technology and design options in the market, we are proud to offer cut and sew services.


Together, we can create custom sleep solutions for all of your needs. 

Engineered Covers

We engineer panels and borders to create simple, one piece covers that reduce sewing and design time. This new dimension in knitting allows us to create fresh and unique designs. 

Zipper Covers - Creative’s zipper covers combine function and fashion. Our zipper covers allow for easy removal for cleaning, resulting in an improved experience for your customer.

Toppers - Looking to customize your bed to meet your body's needs? Creative’s toppers can provide you with extra comfort, temperature regulation, water repellency, and more. Our toppers are custom made for you to your specifications.

Pillows - Our pillows work toward giving you a complete sleep sanctuary. We offer a complete line of pillows that are designed to round out your sleep ensemble resulting in a good night’s sleep. 

Cap Covers - If you want to enjoy engineered covers but don’t have a wide cutting table we have a solution for you. Allow us to introduce the cover cap! It gives you control over the cut and sew border and bottom panel for the best of both worlds. 

Yarn Spools
Sewing Fabric


Creative Ticking has developed a variety of knitted sheets made specifically for the new mattress technologies of memory foam, latex, and other body contouring materials. Our sheets not only conform to the body, they also offer fibers and treatments that compliment your new mattress. Our knitted sheets create a 4-way stretch that hugs the mattress and shapes to the body; there are no wrinkles and you won’t have to put the sheet’s corners back on the bed every morning. 


Our investment in top of the line machinery and wide color choice, allows you to customize your products to match any branding. 

Heat Transfer

Need a heat transfer label on your mattress, our pleasure.  We’ve got that covered. 

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