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For Better Sleep

Creative has been built with innovation at the helm. With continuous research and development and several patents to Ron Sytz (CEO/owner) name, we pride ourselves on providing technologies of value to bring your customers a better night's sleep. 

Our textile technologies, both yarn and finish, fall into several categories.  

Mattress Fire Safety

Fire Retardant Solutions

Creative’s innovative FR solutions continue to evolve meeting the market’s changing needs.  We provide high-performance and fully customizable knitted enhanced fire protection, using patented technology, adding both value and performance at the same time

Thermoregulation Bedding


Our range of Thermoregulation fabric options includes Phase Changing Material (PCM), superconductive soft fiber, and breathable spacer fabrics. Each work to regulate your personal sleep environment to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Sustainable Bedding


Our sustainable fibers are not only long-lasting in quality but leave a positive impact on the environment around us. We curate our sustainable yarn based on: Low Carbon Emissions, Energy Saving Processes, Post-Consumption plans.


The quality of sleep is directly connected to both mental and physical health. It has been proven that better sleep plays a key role in the prevention of many common ailments. Review Creative’s sleep solutions to see how they may aid better sleep for better health.

Antimicrobial Bedding

Antimicrobial Solutions

Our clean collection offers several antimicrobial technologies formulated to protect the mattress and combat odor. This results in keeping the fabric fresh and promotes a clean sleep environment.

What's New at Creative

We are an innovation-driven company, continually researching and developing new products to bring you differentiation in the market, added value, and improved manufacturing capabilities

Have an idea?

Have an idea that isn't listed above or a technology that you would like us to use? Contact us to schedule a meeting. 

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