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Our range of Thermoregulation fabric options include
Phase Changing Material (PCM), super conductive fiber,
and breathable fabrics. Each work to regulate your
personal sleep environment to keep you cool and
comfortable all night long.

Our FjordTM fabric collection offers an instant cooling experience.

The yarn knitted in FjordTM has super conductivity, a form of fiber innovation commonly used in technical textiles resulting in a fabric that is cool to the touch with a unique buttery feeling.

Together these factors make for a truly serene sleep.

Phase Change Material

With the use of cooling Phase Change Material (PCM), CoolZeroTM fabrics work to regulate your personal sleep environment to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.


In ambient temperatures, the molecule’s core material is solid. When the temperature rises, due to your body heat, it changes to liquid. This creates a heat exchange between the body and the molecule, which causes a cooling sensation. When the heat source is removed the liquid core releases the stored latent heat and solidifies. This resets the molecule’s cooling capacity to manage your body’s temperature all night long.

CoolZoneTM is a revolutionary advanced idea in applying cooling Phase Change Material (PCM). CoolZoneTM provides a focused approach to the PCM cooling finish that is designed to meet the specific needs of the consumer. CoolZoneTM Fabrics apply PCM chemistry only where necessary, at your body’s core.


The FlowTM collection is designed to maximize temperature regulated air flow using our knitted spacer fabric. The open supportive 3D structure of the fabric provides for maximum breathability by channeling airflow between the sleeper and the comfort materials. This increased air flow allows the mattress to breathe resulting in an optimal microclimate, enhancing sleep quality.

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