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Safety First

Creative’s innovative fire retardant solutions continue to evolve meeting the market’s changing needs. We provide high-performance and fully customizable knitted enhanced fire protection, using patented TIO-Tec technology, adding both value and performance at the same time.


Flame Fence

​​Patented Two-in-One (TIO) Fire Retardant Technology

Flame Fence by TIO Tec is a patented high-quality CFR 1633 compliant decorative knitted inherent fire barrier. Using TIO Tec inherent FR panel and border fabrics allows you to:

  • Save more - approximately $8 per cover plus labor savings.

  • Increase manufacturing efficiency by eliminating production steps.

  • Reduce additional SKU's.

  • Eliminate harmful FR chemicals and keep the look, feel, stretch, recovery, and performance you expect in your covers.

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Fabric Features

Exceptional Stretch




Choice of
Fabric Types

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Flame Fence ECO

Our Fire Retardant Mattress Technology

Free of Glass Fiber


All Creative Flame Fence Eco by TIO Tec fabrics are California Prop. 65 compliant. Testing is currently qualified on an 11” foam mattress, (3” memory foam / 8” conventional foam). For further safety aspects of chemistry added to the natural cotton to create the barrier in the burn, please contact us.

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