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Our sustainable fibers are not only long-lasting in quality but leave a positive impact on the environment around us. We curate our sustainable yarn based on:

Low Carbon Emissions

Energy Saving Processes

Post-Consumption Plans



With over 60 years of experience in sustainable fiber, ECOLIFE® provides a unique selection of 50% recycled cotton and 50% polyester blended products with a wide variety of colors tailored to the sleep products industry. This experience has earned ECOLIFE® the most prestigious worldwide certification GRS (Global Recycled Standard). This standard guarantees the traceability and transparency of our ECOLIFE® yarn.

REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fiber is made from plastic bottle
waste found on coastlines of countries that cannot
support waste or recycling systems. This sustainable
yarn provides you and the consumer an opportunity to
play a role in solving the ever-growing problem of
oceanic plastic pollution.


REPREVE® Our Ocean

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Bamboo by Creative

Our Bamboo™ fabrics (viscose derived from bamboo) have
several things in common. They are made to provide
long-lasting quality, exert a positive impact on the
environment and provide a cooling sensation to the sleeper.

From forest to fabric, TENCEL™ delivers a yarn of botanic origin that defines a new standard of sustainability, cooling and natural comfort.

TENCEL™ fibers are made to gently caress your body to enhance your quality of sleep with an exquisitely silky hand feel and natural sheen. These fibers exhibit a smooth surface area, ensuring natural comfort for sensitive skin.

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